Jan 23 2016 BY bespokemag

Some time back we listed the 10 perks of being single and as you’d imagine was met with polarising thought. Surprisingly we never listed the perks of being in a relationship and being the punctual bunch that we are, we now feel it’s time we share what we consider are the best features of being in a relationship. It’s fitting, as you’ve seen with our regular posts recently, it’s winter and this is when a number of relationships tend to start. Well, in case you’re bordering on the decision as to whether to pop the big question, here’s a few reasons why you should take the plunge and get into a relationship.



An obvious one, but still a crucial perk, is how being in a relationship expands your travelling ideas. This isn’t to say you can’t travel solo or with close friends, but undisputedly having a partner gives you more reason to explore. The older we get, the harshness of time and commitments we all have limit the ability to travel with friends, but with a partner you can plan accordingly to quench your wanderlusting thirst. Travelling together offers an escape of reality for the pair of you and allows you to focus on each other without the perils of the real world infringing you. Plus most holiday deals are advertised at couples so you may as well utilise a bargain!


They’re your best friend

One that many take for granted, but is one that is very important in providing strength in a relationship, is them being your mate as well as your partner. They become your confidant like how your best friend would be, plus the amount of shared time you spend together will lead to a natural process of it extending further than just a relationship, but one that becomes an even deeper friendship



This isn’t to say you can’t explore and venture into new things with mates and family but there are particular ventures that are more suited for couples than comrades. Such as trying out new bars and hangouts as well as dabbling in new experiences such as the theatre, art galleries and many more. Having a partner allows you to try things you haven’t been able to do before due to your peers not being interested or something you’ve felt wasn’t befitting of you.



Which brings us to our next point and similar to exploring but more refined, your eating experience when in a relationship improves vastly. Men in particular when eating out will often settle for your obvious Nando’s, TGI Fridays or Bodean’s if they’re feeling wild, out of convenience. But with a partner there’s a real hunger (no pun intended) to search for the best places to eat, it even becomes a sport – looking to tick off each restaurant from your “best restaurants in London” list. The likelihood is that you two may have differing tastes that you both can share with each other and expand your food appreciation.



Perhaps the most important one on the list and one we’re sure you’d all agree with that the quality of sex in a relationship is far better than when single. While the freedom of being single is one of its best traits the connection gained in a relationship allows a greater sexual experience. Where you and your confidant grow sexually knowing each other’s turn ons and offs, can expand your sexual horizons and of course, you can be freaky without being embarrassed about it!


Excuse to get out of things

Let’s be honest while we all want to appear fun and up for things, there are times where we all just want a bit of me time to ourselves. Or where we’ve been invited somewhere where we’re fairly sure it won’t be a great experience but feel obligated to go as you don’t want to seem to be a killjoy. The beauty of being in a relationship you can use your partner as a scapegoat for not having to go places that you’d usually struggle to turn down if you were single. It’s a great excuse as no one will question it (unless they read this post of course).


Healthy eating

This is one that men in relationships can relate to – as in most cases we aren’t the healthiest of eaters. Women tend to be more cautious of what they eat and how your diet will have a lasting effect on your general health. And it’s this awareness that’ll also improve your eating habits, but in a way that’ll suit you; for example if you despise eating fruit and veg with your meals – they’ll suggest easier substitutes like fruit and veg smoothies, which you may find is rather tasty.



Self-growth is something we want to constantly experience in our 20s as this is the age where we’re truly solidifying who we are and where we ought to be. While we all want to be surrounded by those who improve us as a person, there’s a unique growth you gain from your other half – one that’s different to your peers and family. In most cases it’s emotional growth and being better at understanding the people you care for.


You can be silly with someone

Being in your 20s, there’s a level of maturity that you have to conduct yourself in both the public and private sphere. The silly and immature side that you could bring out in your younger years has to stay intact due to the seriousness of adult life. But with a partner you have more scope to be yourself, certainly more so than in normal instances, that allows you to show your silly and goofy side that you’ve often had to hide.


Escape the real world

In an age where we’re always connected to people via social media, it’s hard to go offline from the real world and friends, as it’s now become second nature to remain engaged with everything and everyone around you when you’re at home. But having a partner, it’s easy to switch yourself off from the world outside of you whether it be work, friends, social media and or anything that normally dominates your life. You can both switch off and embrace each other’s presence.