ASAP Nast takes shots at Travis Scott

Jan 7 2016 BY Eto Worchie


Rapper and ASAP mob member ASAP Nast took some shots at Travis Scott this week; in a spell of Instagram pictures and videos, he called out La Flame for ‘jacking ASAP mob’s style. Nast used some seven videos and five pictures to illustrate his opinion – that Travis Scott doesn’t have his own style. ASAP Nast refers particularly to his wearing of Stone Island clothes, querying Scott about his whereabouts when he was ‘rocking Stone Island in the past’. Nast was also quick to state that he doesn’t want any beef with Scott and claimed to be a fan of his music, but urged him to find his own style.

He was also sure to give nods to rappers in London and Paris who he admitted were wearing the brand before he was, making it known that he was the first east coast emcee to wear the label. Last but not least he called out people who called the ASAP crew weirdos for their interest in high end fashion

We would attach the pictures but Nast has subsequently deleted all traces of the incident from his Instagram. With Travis Scott’s Days After the Rodeo mixtape due anytime soon, he may have something to say about Nast’s comment; maybe, even over a beat.