Ariana Grande’s dad checks Big Sean on instagram post

Apr 15 2015 BY Sidney Korboe

Whether it be on the web or in person, meeting your girlfriend’s parents can be a rough deal. Ask Big Sean, he knows all too well.

Yesterday evening the Detroit rapper took to instagram to post a selfie captioned: ‘I give her that D… #Detroit’.

The ambiguous instagram post was met by none other than Ariana’s dad. Unsurprisingly, Edward Butera was rather keen to find out exactly what Big had been giving his daughter.

The 21 year old singer’s father commented: ‘that D. better be Detroit Sean.’ It’s unclear if he ever got the confirmation he was after.

If you’re reading this then ‘D’ of course stands for ‘delicious conversation’, Mr Butera – we’ve got your back Sean.

 See the full post here.

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