Bespoke Battles: The Notorious B.I.G.’s Best Song

Mar 9 2015 BY bespokemag

Today 18-years-ago hip hop lost one of its most revered icons in The Notorious B.I.G., who was fatally murdered in a drive-by-shooting in Los Angeles in 1997. Biggie is arguably the greatest rapper to have ever lived and to this day his music still dazzles and amazes listeners. In true Bespoke style, the writers have again been embroiling in some heated discussion as to what is Biggie’s actual best song? Here’s what we had to say, like always if you think otherwise or agree then comment below or shout us on Twitter at @bespokemag!

“Sky’s the Limit”

“Has such a great message and was different from what we usually heard from him”

Sidney Korboe – Style Editor


“Sky’s the Limit” has always been a song that’s stuck out for me from his collection, mainly as it was a song that’s completely different to anything he had done before. The message behind the song is really inspiring and goes to show how well-rounded  Biggie was a rapper. You can certainly tell he was in a happier place with Life After Death, and this song is reference to that.



“It’s the song that truly put him on the map and is arguably the best hip hop song period”

Eathan Sergeant – Sports Writer


This one’s quite an easy one for me and find it quite hard to believe people would argue otherwise. “Juicy” was the song that propelled Biggie to the world and really set his style for future songs, especially for his singles anyway. To be honest, it can be argued that this is the best hip hop song in general, it really captures what hip hop is about.


“One More Chance (Remix)”

“His smoothest track by far, really showed how great of a lyricist he was on this one”

Gerald Onyango – Editor

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The beauty with Biggie is he could make the grittiest, raw and most thugged-out songs on his albums but the most smooth, sleek and easy listening songs for the radio. And, “One More Chance (Remix)” is testament to that, a radio-friendly song but was still sick enough for all to love. Plus, it just showed how smooth and effortless he was as a rapper.


“Notorious Thugs”

“The best verse he ever laid. That is all”

Ernest Owusu – Editor


Let me just make it clear, that when I say “Notorious Thugs”, I’m referring to Biggie’s verse solely. His verse was ridiculous and to me is the best verse he ever laid. It really demonstrated that he could actually do anything; switching his flow to suit the Bone Thugs style and doing better than those that birthed it, showed why he’s a GOAT!


“Niggas Bleed”

“One of the greatest story-telling rap songs ever”

Jovanne Campbell – Features Writer


Biggie was such an all encompassing rapper, but for me what was his most prevalent ability was his was his story-telling. The guy really created movies with his lyrics, and “Niggas Bleed” is the best example of that, it really could have been made into a thriller. It’s my favourite and his best song for sure!