Bespoke Presents: Kruze, an artist in the social media age

Jul 13 2015 BY Gerald Onyango

If you look back at the landscape of music 10 years ago, artists would need the financial muscle of their record company to use a widespread marketing campaign in order to expose and promote that artist and their project to the mass. Fast-forward to the musical landscape of today and that’s certainly not the case. Artists are now very self-governing as with the social media age we now live in, they can promote themselves and their stuff through their own social channels with it potentially reaching hundreds, thousands and even millions of people.

One emerging artist who’s capitalised on this brilliantly; is Kruze from South London. Whose #TeamKruze twitter boasts an impresive, 18K followers and serves as a mechanism to promote Kruze and his music, whilst also providing an outlet for relatable content for his fans and Twitter users in general. We caught up with Kruze to touch base on this, as well as his thoughts on social media, South London and his future projects. Check it all out below.

You’ve gained such a strong fan base through your #TeamKruze channel on Twitter, can you explain to us how that came about?

If I’m honest my aim was to utilise the internet and social media as much as possible in order to put myself out there. With the support of my team and myself, our consistency paid off. Continually putting myself on the line and in faces of people, eventually it became the norm to be familiar with my content and what I have to say had more importance. It gradually came to a point where I understood my target audience and what they wanted and I worked on that by giving them just that.

How important do you think social media is for artists in this generation? 

Very important in my opinion. It makes life a lot easier to express yourself all at your own fingertips. It cuts out the unnecessary stress of going through third parties or other forms of advertisement/PR to promote yourself. I see it as a form of creating and building my  own brand. I visualise my audience all in one room watching what I have to offer which simply motivates me to keep going, thanks to modern technology.

 You’re from South London, why do you think there’s so many talented MCs coming out from South London at the minute?

South London is the place to be. Seeing people growing up from the same neighbourhood and progressing gives us all hope that we can do exactly that ourselves and push through them doors. Also our style and way of doing things in south is just about it right now.

After a big 2014 what are your plans for 2015?

I can’t speak much. Just know movements are being made and expect much more of a buzz to come.


Follow Kruze and #TeamKruze on Twitter at @BamBamKruze & @TeamKruze