Crystal Head Vodka Launches Aurora Magnum and Crown Stopper Designed By The Great Frog London

Oct 5 2016 BY Sidney Korboe
Crystal Head Vodka and London’s jeweller The Great Frog have teamed up to birth a bespoke ‘Crown’. Displayed on top of the limited-edition Aurora Magnum, the one-off Crown Stopper was built using traditional methods of handmade jewellery production.
It was shown for the first time at Lights of Soho in the presence of The Great Frog, Rankin’s studio and Selfridge’s just last week, With it’s 18 carat gold-plated make-up, and 100 plus ruby embellishments, it’s finished off with intricate pavé set diamonds around the collar. Carved from wax using hand tools then cast using the lost wax process and finished with the inlaying of the stones by hand, it’s truly a thing of beauty.
Check it out below.