Festival Review: Born & Bred

Jun 9 2015 BY bespokemag

The new music festival Born & Bred (B & B), in Haggerston Park of Hackney, has many virtues, most obviously its successful celebration of original London sounds.

It’s pretty tough to perfectly explain the one day Hackney music experience. What do you call it when you’ve stepped out of the house to pop into town at 12pm, bump into some mates, and end up having a day out that tops everything in your recent memory, pushing your estimated time of home arrival from 3pm to 12am? That’s B & B.


The trip to Hoxton felt like one you’d routinely make to your local high street. Fast forward some 7 mins for the station to park stroll and we had arrived at something quite special. With sounds of Garage beats running across the festival entrance you couldn’t help but feel sorry for all the music fans missing out.

In many respects it was one of those festivals you could say with a degree of certainty would go off by glancing at the line up alone. From UK bass, garage, grime and dubstep, B & B boasted performances from artists such as Wiley, Goldie and DJ Luck and MC Neat. As far as reviews go, the latter are rather useful. You know their tune: “Do you really like it, is it, is it wicked?” To summarise: yes, we did, and yes, it really was.

OGz displayed a lot of energy on their set, and were a personal favourite of ours. With P Money leading their set was a perfect advert for the ‘pass the mic’ culture that’s enjoying a re-emergence on the scene.

bnb2In the face of an extended set Zinc more than held it down, offering a variety of garage and jungle bangers. His intermittent updates on the whereabouts of Wiley in the lead up to his closing performance helped build up anticipation.

Picking Wiley to close the festival was a wise choice. He’s the Godfather of Grime – an identifiably British sound. And despite being around since its birth he’s still one of the key influencers in the scene. Performing such hits as “On A Level”, “Chasing The Art”, “Step 1” and “Can You Hear” he traveled every square foot of the stage giving the crowd the performance they’d been waiting for.

When the clocks hit 9 silence broke out. The fierce jumping among the crowd came to a stop and thoughts extended to what next year might bring for B & B. One thing’s for certain, we’ll definitely be in attendance.

 Marc Sethi Images