Aug 28 2016 BY TP

One of Bespoke Mag’s favourites, Knucks, has returned with a Pulp Fiction inspired track in his ‘Big Kahuna freestyle’. The production weaves in quotes, from one of the film’s famous initial scenes, where Samuel L Jackson, who plays ‘Jules Winnfield’, manages to create an air of tension whilst adding an element of humour with his request to try a ‘Kahuna Burger’, followed by his subsequent review of the food.

Inevitably, the exceptionally relaxed instrumental has a classic 80s feel, which Knucks complements with his lyrics when he references Garry Coleman and Diff’rent Strokes.   Once again, his music shows off his beat making prowess as he evidently focuses on the finer details of production, and given he raps over his own instrumentals, his timing and flow across the beat is a step ahead of other MCs.

Like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s, his use of a nostalgic and timeless films, adds a layer of sophistication to his work – he’s really carving out his own lane, and not just trying to follow trends. His passion for the art of music is continually shown in his work, and his latest freestyle is no exception. As ever, I am looking forward to his next track, and also next full length project.