A Review of The New & Improved Aquum

Oct 13 2016 BY Sidney Korboe

From the dance floor of Clapham’s Aquum, many of the Bespoke team were made into men. So of course when we got the word they were having a relaunch we jumped right on the invite.

Fast forward to 2016 from the clubbing experiences of our youth and Aquum has changed markedly. It appears bigger as if they’ve purchased and taken over previous surrounding spaces. We suspect it might just be a clever spot of building work however. The chandelier that featured in our group club photos of old have been replaced by ones that are equally as glamorous. The noticeable change for us is the ratio of table to dance space. It’s much less Vybz Kartel’s “Ramping Shop” and more a lowly lit dining come dancing space to have a drink, chill, and try some Greek food.




The food menu is very much both new to us and Aquum alike; it has a healthy offering of meats and sea food running through it. Think liver, salmon, and veal ravioli. The pork belly is a major key among the food offerings to emerge from the kitchen.

Of course, in true Aquum style, the alcoholic bevies on offer remain drinks to write home about. The Spiced Passion cocktail dressed in passion fruit is everything; the perfect drink to nurse over a mid-week catch up with an old friend.




The new layout of the place is open and works well. In its capacity to dish up good Greek grub and alcohol, our only real advice is to arrive hungry and without your car.