The Walking Dead: Season 7 premiere will leave viewers in “very deep, dark, cold place”

Oct 4 2016 BY Jovanne Campbell

The highly anticipated season 7 returns on October 23 and opening episode director Greg Nicotero has warned viewers that Negan will kill a popular character. According to Nicotero, the opening episode will shock viewers and will leave us in a “very deep, dark, cold place” and filming the episode was highly emotional for both the cast and crew.

Here is what Nicotero told Entertainment Weekly:

“It was by far the most emotional episode that I’ve ever shot. Where we left these characters at the end of season 6 is, they’ve been broken. Their world has literally become smaller and smaller and trapped them, and now they’re in a situation that they’ve never been in before where the cavalry is not coming over the hill,”

“Carol is not going to show up and blow up the propane tank outside of Terminus. These things aren’t going to happen, and it’s just devastating,” he said and added that that the episode is intense. “It was uncomfortable, and it was raw, and the emotion was real. And having to do take 2 or take 3 or take 4 and watching these people just in sheer agony was not a pleasant experience, to just watch what was happening. But that’s where they needed to go to exhibit the emotion. So it was really intense.”

Watch the season 7 trailer below:

The question remains, who do you think felt the wrath of Lucille?