Things to watch on Netflix – January 2017

Jan 12 2017 BY Gerald Onyango

We millennials are an interesting generation, we’ve lived through arguably what can be deemed as the quickest technological advancement that modern history has seen. But similarly, while we have seen this advancement we remember simpler times of corded phones, dial-up internet and even TV-sets! The latter is most pressing as we’re a generation who now consumes television through their laptop and one innovation that’s pushed this is Netflix. The streaming website is fixed our today’s culture and the popular platform is always constantly updating its content and us at Bespoke are going to shed some light on the best things to watch on Netflix right now.

Happy Valley


While the series is labelled as a crime drama, we’d say it’s much deeper than your traditional crime drama. The BBC series, written by Sally Wainwright, can be as dark as the popular as Black Mirror but similarly as gripping as your Entourage. But all in all, it is unashamedly British. This one we’d recommend for a lazy watch for when you’ve decided to stay in one weekend instead of getting inebriated with your mates.



Let’s assume you’re entertaining one evening with a potential suitor and want the right film to lighten the mood without being too crass. Adventureland is the perfect movie for such a setting due to it being highly romantic but darn right funny too and not in an Adam Sandler kind of way. The film is set in the summer of 1987 at a theme park where James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) meets Emily Lewin (Kristen Stewart) and the pair builds a quick rapport that later becomes a relationship.

Hoop Dreams


If you’ve never watched nor heard of Hoop Dreams, then shame on you and your mother too. Hoop Dreams is undoubtedly the best sports documentary of all time. The 1994, Oscar-nominated, documentary follows 2 black teenagers who transfer to a predominately white high school that has an excellent basketball programme. The documentary captures the two budding NBA players throughout their time at the high school and the difficulties that they face at their school and home. This is one that is perfect for a hangover watch when you want something serious but not too demanding to watch.



January 2017 is the month we say goodbye to Barack Obama’s tenure as President of the United States. While it’s sad to see the coolest US president leave the Whitehouse, Netflix has distributed a new film that follows Obama’s time in New York at Columbia University during the early ’80s. It’s a great insight into the man who has led the ‘free world’ in the last 8 years. One to watch when you’re knackered with watching the latest series you’ve been following for the past month.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Let’s face it, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is easily the best sitcom of all time (says an author who adores Friends). So when the news hit the fan that Netflix had added Fresh Prince to its roster of series there was no surprise the popular ’90s sitcom was trending on Twitter. While you may raise your nose at us adding it to this list, hear us out for a second and actually watch it again and we assure you you’ll remember just as to why it’s a classic sitcom. Recommended for whenever it’s Fresh Prince after all!