Feb 9 2016 BY Jasmine Gothelf

As Valentine’s Day approaches, conversations about which romantic tracks to play on the big day begin to emerge. Whether these tracks provide the soundtrack to your dinner date or your sex playlist is up to you, but romancing is impossible to avoid. Love is everywhere you look, aided by the conveniently “love themed” tracks released at this time of year, such as Zayn’s pop-meets-sexy “Pillow Talk.”

When asking friends and colleagues about the kind of songs they listen to around this time of year, the only answers I got back were tracks by R&B and Soul artists from Marvin Gaye to Chris Brown. Now i’m not saying Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” isn’t one of the sexiest songs of all time, it’s just a little frustrating that Hip Hop isn’t often associated with romance. I mean, who hasn’t listened to Nelly’s “Dilemma” and not thought it was romantic? Or played Mos Def’s “Love” and not appreciated this romantic side to Hip Hop music?

Not all rap is necessarily romantic – hyper sexualised, in many instances, would be a more appropriate description – but there are certain tracks that should feature on the playlists providing the soundtrack to your romantic evenings, days or weekends. These are our Top 10 Hip Hop tracks for Valentine’s Day; from dining to grinding.


1 – “Dilemma” – Nelly Ft. Kelly Rowland

This track fails to age and is certainly one of the most successful examples of Hip-Pop. From the cute lyrics to the even cuter video, it’s certainly the first track I think of when the words “Hip Hop” and “Romance” are thrown together.


2 – “SpottieOttieDopealicious” – Outkast

One of Outkast’s earlier tracks that is both sexy and romantic. With lyrics like “When I first met my SpottieOttieDopalicious Angel, I can remember that damn thing like yesterday, the way she moved reminded me of a Brown Stallion” this track ticks all of the romantic boxes.

3 – “Love” – Mos Def

This is an ode to Hip Hop and love so I couldn’t write a top ten without having this in it.


4 – “Take Care” – Drake and Rihanna

A little more sexy than romantic, the release of this track solidified the relationship between Rihanna and Drake that we’ve grown to love. And with the release of Rihanna’s “Work” it only seemed fitting to reference this here.


5 – “Bonnie and Clyde” – Jay Z and Beyoncé

Hands down one of the best Hip Hop/R&B duets of all time, with an excellent video to match. Plus, Jay Z and Beyoncé’s musical fairytale certainly adds a romantic edge to a music industry that often glorifies the single life.


6 – “I Know What You Want” – Busta Rhymes Ft. Mariah Carey

This track’s production, Busta’s softly rapped verses and Mariah’s sexy vocals all contribute to one of the sexiest records in Hip Hop’s history. The video’s concept is also pretty great, check it out below.


7 – “Mesmerize” – Ja Rule Ft. Ashanti

I love this song, it makes me wish I was on holiday and the song lyrics are undeniably romantic: “Girl your stare, those eyes I (love it when you look at me baby) / Your lips, your smile I (love it when you kiss me baby) / Your hips, those thighs, I (love it when you thug me baby) / And I can’t, deny I (love it when I’m witchu baby).” Also – “Greece” Hip Hop style? What’s not to love?


8 – “Golddigger” – Kanye West Ft. Jamie Foxx

Sometimes on Valentine’s you need a wake up call. This is one of the tracks you could subtly play to your friend that you think may be in a relationship for the wrong reasons.


9 – “Gangsta Lovin’” – Eve Ft. Alicia Keys

This song is underrated but so, so good! Alicia’s perfect vocals to Eve’s lyrics make the perfect combination for a sexy, romantic and fun song for your Valentine’s Day playlist.


10 – “21 Questions” – 50 Cent Ft. Nate Dogg

When 50 Cent touches any track it immediately turns it sexy, and this track is one of the earlier examples of it. The track also shows a softer side of 50 Cent and how can that not be perceived as romantic?